Getting to know…Sarah Holland, Sales Manager at affilinet

With an effervescent and fun-loving nature, three years online sales experience and 10 years experience of working in the Travel and Retail sectors, Sarah is an integral member of the Sales team here at affilinet UK.
We asked her for tips for advertisers looking to get the most of performance marketing, how she’s finding affilinet and, most importantly, what’s her secret to smelling so good!

Tell us a bit about your role here at affilinet.
I love my job because I get to work with everybody. Internally I directly work with all of our teams: account management, publisher management and marketing, as well as the sales teams in our other markets. Externally I work with agencies, consultants and clients direct. When dealing with clients direct, you often find that they don’t have an affiliate specific team and so I can find myself dealing with Marketing Managers / Directors, Managing Directors, Heads of Digital, Procurement Teams, Owners… I work to understand their businesses and their marketing strategies so that I can best advise them on how affilinet can work with them to drive more sales or leads and improve ROI.

What advice would you offer to an advertiser looking to start promoting their business through performance marketing?
If they are already looking then a big part of my job is done, because they appreciate the value that the channel can drive. I would suggest they look into what their competitors are doing in the space and think about how they can make their program especially attractive to publishers. It’s always best to keep an affiliate program open, by working with a broad range of publishers, and fresh with promotions, updated creative and publisher engagement. I would recommend they give me a call so that I can talk them through the options, look into a gap analysis and some benchmarks and work on a proposal for them.

You’ve been at affilinet for over a year now, how would you sum up your experience so far?
Challenging and rewarding. I enjoy the luxury of being able to say that I really enjoy my job. The team at affilinet are amazing; immensely knowledgeable, talented people and also great fun to work with and learn from.

You were recently honoured with the ‘Motormouth’ award for the most chatty person in the affilinet UK office. Were you pleased?

Describe yourself in 3 words.
•    Shy
•    Quiet
•    Sarcastic

Living in Portsmouth and working in central London equals a long roundtrip each day. What are your tips for making the most of your commute?
To be honest, I use the extra time to work (I admit I am writing this on the train!) and the time is done before I know it. It is a long way, door to door it’s about a 5 hour round trip each day but I actually find it really relaxing. I used to travel in on the central line every day and it was a third of the journey, but much more stressful. Now I get up and sit on an almost empty train as it speeds through the country side while the sun comes up and then walk the rest of the way from Waterloo to the office. It’s great!

What’s the last online purchase you’ve made?
Temple Spa Repose – it’s an aromatherapy resting cream that I put on at night. It smells lush!

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