Top Tips for advertisers new to our network

Welcome to the second article in our new hints and tips series, aimed specifically at advertisers who sit within the client services team at affilinet. This second article will provide you with all the information you need to set up a program on our network in four easy to follow steps.

Step 1- Implement tracking and testing

Your tracking must be put in place in order for us to track an affiliate transaction and remunerate publishers accordingly. The tracking code gives information from a sale including price and order ID which we can then use to determine successful sales along with other metrics.

To find and set your tracking code live go to: Account>Rates & Tracking Code> Overview> Tracking Code. A pop up window will appear where you can pull your tracking code from (figure 1).

fig 1

Figure 1: Implementing your tracking code

Once you have implemented your tracking it is important to test your tracking codes across each of your individual products. To test your tracking simply go to: Account>Account Data> Program Test> Test Sale then check the information as shown in the below screen shot and select ‘confirm test’ (figure 2).

fig 2

Figure 2: Tracking code test

Step 2- Set up commissions

The next step is to set up your commission rates. It is important to remember that you can add additional commissions for specific publishers, different creative or promotional commission.

To alter or add additional commissions go to: Account> Rates & Tracking Code> Edit

When creating a rate you must specify the following criteria highlighted below (figure 3):

  • Rate type
  • Rate number
  • Activity



Figure 3: Setting up commission rates

Once you have set up your commission rates you will be able to check commission rates that are live (figure 4). Here you can change the value of a commission, the date range of the commission and activate or deactivate certain commission rates.


Figure 4: Altering commission rates.

Step 3: Approve and decline publisher applications

It is advised to approve or decline publisher applications on a weekly basis.

To approve or decline waiting publisher applications go to: Publisher Centre> Waiting List (figure 5). Here you can view the publisher’s website by clicking on the URL in the account information section. If you decide you would like to accept the publisher you can classify them into unique categories in the channel management section.


Figure 5: Publisher waiting list

Match Master and Publisher Recruitment

Match Master is an intelligent algorithm which assists advertisers with targeted searches for partners by automatically identifying and recommending suitable publishers. Match Master allows you to invite recommended publishers directly to your program.

The screen shot below shows an example of Match Master recommendations for a client. To accept or decline a publisher select the appropriate action in the ‘actions’ column (figure 6).


Figure 6: Match Master Recruitment

Step 4- Statistics

In our last Hints and Tips article ‘top tips for successful publisher management’ I discuss the importance of using the tools in your advertiser dashboard to optimise customer reach and conversion potential. To read more click here.

Once your program is set up the statistics tabs can be used to identify publishers that are performing well and those that can be optimised or activated. The following tabs are available

  • Statistics by Day
  • Statistics by Publisher
  • Statistics by Creative

Following these top tips on Publisher management will allow for a easy sign up process when you join the network. Look out for our article next month providing top tips for creativity.

Until next month!

Sylvia Leroy

Sylvia is an Account Manager at affilinet and her main responsibility is to ensure sustainable growth across her accounts. This involves identifying growth opportunities as well as building strong affiliate strategy to meet her clients’ objectives.

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