Top tips for creative and proactive program management

Welcome to the third article in our hints and tips series on our blog aimed specifically at advertisers who sit within the client services team at affilinet. This month we will be looking at top tips for creativity and how to make the most out of your affiliate program at affilinet, from establishing a diverse publisher base to publishing communications and creative. It is important to be proactive with your affiliate campaign to ensure your program reaches its full potential. There are many creative ways of delivering a successful affiliate campaign, increasing brand reach and growing your active publisher base. Below I provide my top 3 creative tips for proactive affiliate program management:

Tip 1: A multichannel approach A multichannel approach gives you the opportunity to interact with potential customers on a variety of different platforms. The key here is to broaden the scope of activity on your program in order to maximise potential customer reach. Think outside the box and test different approaches in order to broaden the scope of activity on your program and maximise consumer reach. One option here is to consider partnering with technology publishers such as retargeting, email or paid search channels. Email and retargeting are particularly valuable if you want to target specific user profiles or consumers as companies often have access to large databases. Utilising these channels will also permit you to approach the user in engaging and interesting ways. With the technology campaigns there is room for optimisation and improvement. For instance with email you can test many variables and reach a large consumer base, testing different subject lines, user databases, competitions and creative to increase overall reach and conversions for your brand.

Tip 2: Publisher communication As you understand communication with your publishers is key, look at how publishers promote your brand and make suggestions which could benefit both sides and increase conversions. For instance I would suggest to clearly communicate the brand messaging you would like them to use. You should also make sure that publishers give your brand strong visibility on their site. A greater visibility is likely to lead to a larger consumer reach and higher conversion rates. Get in touch with your affiliates and see if you can get your brand to stand out (by booking extra exposure for a specific campaign for instance). Very often the publishers will sell placements on their sites or newsletters against an increased commission or a fix fee, test some of these options and see what works for you.

Tip 3: Running promotions and campaigns From discounted prices to loyalty programs, there are a variety of campaigns which can be run on your affiliate programme. Different campaigns will engage with users in different ways. It is important therefore to test which campaigns work for your brand and be creative and vary the campaigns you run. This will keep your audience engaged, and can also possibly increase your overall programme reach.The key is variety- trying different campaigns that engage with your consumer base and then run with these. There are many creative options which you can use to promote your brand on affiliate channels, these include static or dynamic banners, email creative and interactive banners. The important factor to remember is to appeal to your publishers interests and to test the different promotional options. Next month we will be providing more top tips to help with your affiliate program. Stay tuned to find out more.

Sylvia Leroy

Sylvia is an Account Manager at affilinet and her main responsibility is to ensure sustainable growth across her accounts. This involves identifying growth opportunities as well as building strong affiliate strategy to meet her clients’ objectives.

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