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Welcome to the new series on the affilinet blog aimed at exploring the different ways publishers can drive traffic and sales for advertisers. The series will offer guidance on how best to utilise all the channels available in order to grow your programme.

For the first edition we are focusing on voucher code publishers. The cliché of the savvy shopper is alive and well so it is important that advertisers recognise this and make use of it. Voucher code sites can be heavily trafficked and very powerful sales drivers but it is important to use them correctly. The impact on the margin must be considered as part of the quest for the incremental and high value custom.

All the key players in the market are already live on the affilinet platform but we also have a wide range of mid and long-tail sites that have their own audiences and nuances. Promotional space on the big sites are at a premium so it is important to find the right partners that work with your brand and deliver the right results.

Tips for testing

It is important to test and analyse different activity to see what works best for your brand. There are lots of variables to play with when testing such as:

Type of offer: whether it be flat percentage, monetary discount, free delivery, exclusives, not to mention the level and scope of discount. Try to put yourself in the customer’s position and judge whether an offer is appealing or not, typically simple and less restrictive offers are more successful.

Functionality: if the functionality exists then you could tie codes to a minimum spend or new customer, depending on your business objectives. Advertisers are increasingly offering unique codes for added control.

Variety of placements: you can offer different placements across partners (they typically have promotional packs). Think of the likely customer journey and where incremental sales would come from.

Duration of offers: for the purpose of testing it is worth limiting the duration of the offers; often 2 or 3 days to 2 weeks is the sweet spot to secure significant exposure and this should be rotated so that user bases don’t tire of offers or come to expect them.

Paid search privileges: some publishers request access to paid search privileges on ‘brand and voucher’ terms. It can depend but it makes sense to have publishers in this space who have the best converting content and no points of leakage to your competitors.

Tips to remember

While it is worth having some general presence on voucher sites in order to pick up the browsing shopper, it is always preferable to seek an active push when agreeing coverage. Newsletter slots are highly sought after especially where publishers have large email databases, but publishers have a myriad of means to reach their users.

It is also worth remembering that all codes and offers should carry terms and conditions which clearly set out their restrictions; such as start or expiry dates and restrictions or exclusions.

If you have a mobile or offline presence then it could be worth inquiring as to how publishers can help as part of a multi-channel strategy since many work with apps, printable vouchers and other solutions to provide extra reach and engagement.

affilinet tools

affilinet’s voucher tool can help with many of the above as it ensures all the necessary fields are completed and then publishers can pick this up in a handy feed for all programmes they work on. You can find this under Creative | Vouchers & promotions tab in the advertiser interface.

It is also possible to integrate voucher codes into the tracking setup so that you can see when and which vouchers are used on an order, this can be very useful to keep control of the usage of exclusive codes and which publishers can be awarded commission dependent on codes used.

You can also use the Rates Manager to allocate bespoke commercials with publishers when margins are too tight or you’re looking to pay extra for coverage – this should always be communicated with the publisher in advance.

So that should cover tips and tricks of how to best work with and optimise Voucher publishers. Next month’s edition will be looking into Price Comparison publishers. Until next month!

Pete Berry

Pete Berry is Publisher Services Manager at affilinet. Originally from Manchester (Man Utd's No1 fan) when he's not watching football he's on the pitch attracting comparisons to Peter Crouch.

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