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A few days ago we announced the launch of our new product level tracking functionality; we recapped why we developed it and what the benefits of implementing it are for advertisers.  In this post we will look at the ‘other side of the coin’ and assess the most obvious benefits for publishers. 

As touched on previously in this blog the affiliate (and wider performance marketing) business continues to develop a pace.  These days quite a large number of publishers we work with are substantial businesses in their own right; this means they are just as hungry for meaningful accurate data as our advertisers!

The 3 key benefits for publishers:

1. See what you sold!

When affilinet’s product level tracking is combined with subid reporting it can lead to real incite.  Assess:

– The highest value orders
– The most orders of a specific product category or individual product 
– The highest number of passengers per booking
– The highest number of bookings with insurance included

Then optimise, test learn and refine! 

Publishers dealing with a large amount of data can use affilinet’s publisher API to extract basket data and re-purpose it for their own reporting / optimisation processes.

2. See what people are returning

Whether positive of not, it is common practice in performance marketing for advertisers to only pay for sales and bookings that remain valid beyond the return or cooling off period.  Typically certain items within a basket have a higher propensity to be returned than others; unfortunately publishers have rarely had visibility on this before.

Now with affilinet’s product levels tracking these returned items are visible, and if that publisher identifies a correlation between traffic source and these returns they may be able to optimise to reduce these losses.

3. Negotiate commission levels that benefit all parties

It is always challenging to come to commercial agreements which benefit all parties, affilinet’s product level tracking and commissioning makes this easier as it gives all parties access to more information that can be used in dialogue.

For example publisher A, a product comparison site may note they only sending advertiser X a small amount of traffic but that the traffic converts strongly and at a high value.  Looking into the detail reveals that a number of specific placements are delivering sales with a low number of high value products in the basket.  The publisher gets in touch with the advertiser about this, and highlights that they could prioritise the traffic driving placements in exchange for a higher commission rate.  The products being sold have a higher absolute margin so the advertiser is happy to trial this, and sets the specific product ids up at a higher commission rate for the agreed period.

Future benefits

In addition to the publisher and advertiser benefits we have already mentioned, affilinet is continually redefining is own ability to utilise data.  Watch out for new innovative uses of information collected by product level tracking such as best seller reports, trending product feeds etc.


Affilinet is excited to be able to offer this new solution across its entire European network.  As a publisher, if you would like to find out more about product level tracking, or feel that this solution would be valuable for a specific affilinet program that you work on, please drop us an email on and we will forward your thoughts to that client.

Paul Brown

Paul Brown has over 7 years in online, 6 of those in affiliate marketing.At affilinet Paul is a Senior Strategy Manager and also the UK office’s Product Champion. Paul has an extremely high level of technical know-how and was responsible for developing our Pay Per Call technology and retargeting solution. He has spoken at several industry events, including ad:tech, Affiliates4U Expo and the IAB Affiliate Forum. Previously Paul was Affiliate Executive at Carphone Warehouse and Affiliate Manager at Alliance and Leicester.
Out if hours Paul is at his happiest drinking wine, eating cheese, travelling the world, playing sport and discovering new music and film.

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