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Product level marketing is becoming more and more important, as was alluded to in a recent post on this blog about the growth in the number of suppliers of product feed creation and distribution services .  Advertisers are becoming more and more focused on how they can drive ROI efficiencies and publishers are optimising their promotional methods to a level of granularity never seen before.

Affilinet is pleased to announce that is now able to support these parties’ product level needs through the launch of its brand new product level tracking and commissioning functionality.

The 5 Key Benefits for Advertisers:

1. Truly granular reporting

The following variables can now be tracked and reported for each item included in a shopping basket, used in conjunction with affilinet’s voucher and offer manager this enables advertisers to produce powerful reports on the effectiveness of their promotions.

– Product Number /  SKU
– Product Name
– Category Path (i.e. mens>trousers)
– Quantity
– Single Price
– Brand
– Custom Properties 1-5 (Extra values also shared with the publisher)

2. A simple interface for scheduling product level commissions

Advertisers can now take advantage of affilinet’s simple to use but powerful rate management suite which allows them to schedule an uncapped number of future commission changes down to a product level.   In addition to this each product’s commission can also be varied by publisher type, individual publisher or even creative.

3. Only report & pay for items that have really sold

Affilinet has always offered the ability to part reverse commissions generated when items within a basket are returned by the customer.  Advertisers can now look inside each and every basket and edit the number or items commissioned by changing the quantity.  The real advantage of this is that it enables advertisers to see which publishers are generating the highest rate of returns and what items are being sent back.

4. Automated order validation

As with all things at affilinet there is a web service which can be utilised to automate the task.  Where feasible due to the large amount of data generated by Product Level Tracking we would suggest that advertisers work with their technical teams to link fulfilment systems to affilinet’s order web service.  This middleware solution would look up orders logged on affilinet and match with details of that order on the advertiser side.  If items have been sent back within the return period, the middleware solution removes them programmatically from the basket, if not it validates the entire order.

5. The most flexible tracking in the industry

At affilinet we don’t require advertisers to place multiple tags on their websites sites in order to work with us.  In the same vein we don’t require merchants to place their products or services in arbitrary commission groupings on their side in order to report bookings or sales. 

In addition to commissioning on a product number / SKU level affilinet is able commission using a merchants own category ids or even the category breadcrumb used on their site.  All that is required is that the merchant sets these categories up in the rate mapping interface.  What happens if a category gets missed?  Don’t worry, we’ve got it covered!  When you setup rate mapping you will also be required to set up a default rate that will be applied to any items which affilinet is unable to match to a category or product number / SKU.

If you have any feedback for improvements to this functionality please send your suggestions to  Keep your eyes peeled over the next few days for part 2 of this post focusing on the publisher benefits of this solution.

Paul Brown

Paul Brown has over 7 years in online, 6 of those in affiliate marketing.At affilinet Paul is a Senior Strategy Manager and also the UK office’s Product Champion. Paul has an extremely high level of technical know-how and was responsible for developing our Pay Per Call technology and retargeting solution. He has spoken at several industry events, including ad:tech, Affiliates4U Expo and the IAB Affiliate Forum. Previously Paul was Affiliate Executive at Carphone Warehouse and Affiliate Manager at Alliance and Leicester.
Out if hours Paul is at his happiest drinking wine, eating cheese, travelling the world, playing sport and discovering new music and film.

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