Collaboration for Performance- Affilinet pays attention to the Finer Details

Attention to the Finer DetailsAffilinet is delighted to announce the pan-European release of our new and innovative feature for quick and easy social media sign-up and the functionality for publishers to manage international accounts. This is the latest in a stream of a pan-European launches from affilinet as we work towards the internationalization of our platform and the integration of social media in the future.

The new social media tool acknowledges the budding role of social media within enterprise enabling access to all your affilinet accounts from all countries using your logins from social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Meaning, one password can be utilized across all platforms to bring a slice of increased efficiency to the account management process. This follows the recent launch of affilinet’s international publisher sign-up tool, which enables publishers to manage their accounts easily across markets.

The new publisher sign up tool allows publishers who are new to the network to select which international markets they would like to have an account set up within. Publishers can then manage pan-European accounts easily within the platform supported by several features; a fixed dialogue box within every page that enables publishers to switch between international views and additionally an ‘available accounts’ feature within the Account > Management tab to visually segregate accounts by market.

affilinet international portal
Snapshot of affilinet platform

It is affilinet’s mission to optimize the impact of our customers through our consolidated European multichannel platform. In accordance, further developments have been made to our platform’s program search feature for affiliates.  The enhanced program search features include an ‘autosuggest’ for quick and simple search, a filter for exclusive programs to better promote exclusive merchants and the ability to search availability of product data in search results. The latter enables publishers such as price comparison sites to quickly identify relevant merchant programs. Additional new search features include filtering by SEM restrictions and the presence of a CPM filter.

These latest developments represent just a fragment of affilinet’s broader technological endeavours. However, they amply demonstrate the direction of our innovation and its unshakeable focus on client performance as we work diligently to sustain our market- leading product portfolio.

Affilinet are set to launch newly improved and amazingly useful publisher statistics in the next few months so continue to watch this space!

Lauren Herbert

Lauren joined affilinet UK at the beginning of 2012 as a marketing executive. Lauren will become heavily involved in the affilinet social networking platforms and events side of marketing and is looking forward to implementing exciting new strategies in the coming year. As a Brighton Business Graduate, Lauren's previous employers include IBM and Films United.

In her leisure time Lauren enjoys live music events, spontaneous adventures, vintage shopping and making attempts to master Italian.

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