New ‘previous publisher’ affiliate marketing tool for advertisers

Back at affilinet HQ our developers have been working hard to bring you to the latest feature in our advertiser portal. The previous publisher feature is now available for all advertisers and is the ideal first step for investigating multi-attribution modelling (using a variety of metrics to reward individual affiliates for their role in delivering a sale).

How it works:

When an affiliate on the affilinet network interacts with a consumer; data scripts sitting behind creative store important information such as affiliate ID, time of interaction etc.  The previous publisher feature taps into a very small part of this information to display the final five interactions in chronological order.


Advertisers are then able to click on the relevant publisher IDs to review who played a role in generating a particular action. This information can also be added to the downloadable order report if requested.  To do this go to the download centre in the advertiser portal, when an export has completed check the “Previous publisher” option under the download details pane. 

Benefits of the previous publisher feature at a glance:

  • Displays the last five affiliate touch points in the customer journey.
  • Offers transparency over which affiliates are driving clicks in order to help you to optimise your affiliate activities and nurture valuable partnerships.
  • Identifies the various affiliate types that constitute a sale, from those that initiated the sale process to the final touch point that convinced the consumer to transact.
  • Helps advertisers to identify which affiliates are really driving valuable customers e.g. those contributing to sales with higher average order values.


For more information please contact our UK technology expert Paul Brown

Paul Brown

Paul Brown has over 7 years in online, 6 of those in affiliate marketing.At affilinet Paul is a Senior Strategy Manager and also the UK office’s Product Champion. Paul has an extremely high level of technical know-how and was responsible for developing our Pay Per Call technology and retargeting solution. He has spoken at several industry events, including ad:tech, Affiliates4U Expo and the IAB Affiliate Forum. Previously Paul was Affiliate Executive at Carphone Warehouse and Affiliate Manager at Alliance and Leicester.
Out if hours Paul is at his happiest drinking wine, eating cheese, travelling the world, playing sport and discovering new music and film.

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