Revised Consumer Transparency Framework from the IAB

A revised version of the IAB Affiliate Marketing Council Consumer Transparency Framework: A Guide for Publishers / Affiliates  is now available to download on the IAB website and replaces the version launched in March 2012.

The Consumer Transparency Framework is an outline approach for the affiliate marketing industry as a whole and it’s an especially useful resource for smaller publishers and affiliates with limited resources.

Primarly the Framework offers helpful guidance to publishers regarding addressing aspects of online privacy and transparency particularly where the usage of cookies is concerned. There are some minor additions to this update including clearer examples of how publishers and institutions have approached compliance since the laws were introduced. Another addition is that the ICO has clarified that ‘implied consent’ is a valid form of consent.

The guidance covers:
1. The Consumer Transparency Framework – what do you need to think?
2. Cookie audits – What do you need to do?
3. Background to the revised PECR law

Download the Framework here.

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