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So the inaugural awards are around the corner and after spending 4 years on the “other side” I now find myself firmly back on the network side canvassing for votes. I’m not big on this, nor are my team as we’re surprisingly quite a modest bunch who want to be awarded on merit not the number of people we can coerce into voting for us. However, I firmly believe that the team should be rewarded for all of the hard work and effort they have put in over the last year so wanted to give some of my thoughts on why I think you should vote for affilinet as Industry Partner of Choice:

We have integrity and do what we feel is the right thing for the industry, our clients and our publishers regardless of how that affects our bottom line. Sadly, not everyone in our channel has  the same ethos but we will continue to act in a way which is right for our stakeholders and the future growth of the industry, not a quick win on our bottom line.

We are passionate about the industry and want to see it grow which means working in conjunction with our competitors as well as our partners. Working closely with the IAB we have supported the OPM study both financially and with time and resource. Where others have had to be persuaded we have been there right from the start. We don’t just talk about this for a PR stunt, we are continually pushing for better transparency and fairness in the sector and for a level playing field for all publishers regardless of size.

We don’t think the industry is dead, in fact we think it’s thriving and are excited about the years ahead. We’re not cutting costs in key areas or making redundancies, in fact quite the opposite, as we believe in investing for the future.

At affilinet we invest in people in terms of their personal and professional development. We don’t see affiliate marketing as a stepping stone to something better, we see it as a stepping stone to a great career in the sector. Many of us here have made a very successful career from the industry and want to ensure that young people entering the industry now see that too. We want our “snotty nosed graduates” to become rising stars in the affiliate channel, not in social media.

We believe in delivering value to our clients through service, innovation, growth and by employing people who are not afraid to challenge the status quo and push boundaries.

We believe in supporting all of our publishers regardless of size and to help them in making the right decisions in driving sales for advertisers.  We want publishers to work with us because we are good at what we do, not because we have tied you into a contract with us.  If we are not good enough then we would expect you to look elsewhere. A key focus for the UK business in 2014 is supporting our publishers with more tools to be able to drive quality traffic and sales for our advertisers. We welcome feedback as well, so tell us what we are doing right and wrong and I’ll personally make sure we serve you better.

We believe in investing in areas that support the growth of our advertisers and publishers. Yes black tie events are nice but we would rather invest in our people, technology and innovation, which will drive a direct impact on the bottom line of our advertisers and publishers.

Finally, we believe in giving our advertisers and publishers useful insight, not meaningless stats. Actionable data is key to everything we do, we provide you with the data but also what you should be doing with that data to be more successful.



Helen Southgate

Helen Southgate

Helen Southgate joins affilinet from BSkyB, where she was responsible for the broadcaster’s online marketing planning and strategy. Southgate has eleven years experience in performance marketing and in 2011 was the IAB Affiliate Marketing Council Chair. Her primary focus is to grow business in the UK, but she will also work alongside other country managers to grow the network at a European level.
Helen Southgate

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