A day in the life of Becky Coleman, Head of Retail Partnerships at easyfundraising

The first thing I realised as I sat down to write about a typical day at easyfundraising.org.uk is that there is no such thing. And that’s what makes my job so interesting and rewarding.

I’ve worked for the company since it was formed in 2005 and as I’ve been here since day one, I’m like a stick of Blackpool rock: easyfundraising through and through. I feel incredibly passionate about the great work we do – we’ve now raised over £5 million for charity, and driven sales of over £200m for our partner merchants – and that’s a great motivator for coming into work with a smile every day.

For the past three years my role has been Head of Retail Partnerships and together with my colleague, the fantastic and extremely hard-working, Paula Barker, we develop and maintain relationships with merchants, networks and agencies to deliver sales for merchants and much-needed donations to thousands of brilliant causes across the UK.

On an average day I’ll spend much of time talking to my contacts at the affiliate networks by phone and email as I look for opportunities that will benefit both our partner merchants and of course our causes.  We like to work strategically with merchants as we don’t believe that ‘one size fits all’ which means the work is varied – I might be building a bespoke exposure plan for one merchant one minute and briefing our designers on a tailored solus campaign for another the next.

I also spend time in meetings with other our departments, in particular Martyn, Jenny, Lucy and Sophie who make up the Cause Partnerships team and work with our large national causes such as Girl Guiding and PTA-UK. A key USP of easyfundraising is our ability to market relevant merchants to targeted users based on the cause they support, so we meet regularly to look for opportunities to connect our merchant partners with our causes to maximise sales.

While much of my work can be carried out on the phone and by email, I do think it’s important to meet face to face so I try to get down to London at least a couple of times a month, attending networking events, meetings and conferences or just meeting contacts for a coffee and a chat. Our offices are in the gorgeous cathedral city of Lichfield in Staffordshire and I’m lucky enough to look out on a duck pond and lots of trees from my desk.

I also look after our social channels – notably a Facebook page that offers the perfect opportunity to interact and engage with our causes and their incredibly passionate supporters. The blog is my domain too. We use to blog to keep our members up to date with developments in the fundraising and retail industries and we also run retailer competitions on there, including our now legendary ‘how much money is in the bra’ with Legal & General.

I’m a bit of a tea-bag so you’ll often find me near the kettle, either making the tea or hanging about hoping someone else might! We have a very tight-knit team here so there’s always lots of good natured banter and chat going on in the kitchen and some fierce debate about who’s turn it is to wash up!

As a working mum of three, it’s always a mad dash at the end of the day to get home in time for tea. Anyone who has spoken to me on the phone after 6pm will know I am usually cooking fish-fingers at the same time – multi-tasking is probably my best skill!

The evening is when I catch up on the social media channels and answer any outstanding emails to try to get myself ahead for the next day. It’s a busy old life but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

I’m always looking for new partnerships and opportunities so if you’d like to work with us, I would love to hear from you on becky@easyfundraising.org.uk / 07887 982549

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