A Day in the Life of Graham Jenner, Head of Partnerships at TopCashBack

I head up the TopCashBack Partnerships team. The Partnerships team’s main focus is to get great exclusive offers that our members will want to purchase. I manage the team of client facing account managers, helping them to grow the accounts they look after.  Within my role, I look at strategy with key clients and work with my team on how to maximise their clients’ affiliate campaigns with us.

The other side of my role is focused on the strategy of the department as a whole. So within this I look at the KPI’s for the department and how we are performing. So this might be the growth of a particular vertical, or alternatively creating campaigns for key trading periods like Christmas.

What I love about TopCashBack is that we are always looking to do new things and how much we have grown.  We try to do things that are different and creative. We have branded opportunities; we have blog content where we try to do more than just drive sales. We aim to understand our partners’ objectives and then look at creative ways to achieve them.

I don’t really have a typical day as they tend to be quite varied. Some days I will attend lots of meetings either internally or externally, others I will be more office based. On a typical office based day I might catch up with each of my team and speak to them about their work and any issues I can help with. We might have a brainstorming session to come up with a bespoke campaign for a client.

The Partnerships department tends to interact with and affect a number of other departments, so I tend to have lots of conversations and planning meetings with other departments. So whether this is our Marketing team to get their support for a campaign, or our Projects team for new site developments there is always something to get involved in!

The rest of my day I would probably spend in some spreadsheet that I have built to look at performance.  This might just be reviewing numbers for the month or year, or something more exciting like testing a new placement on site.

A big part of my role is looking for new opportunities, so it is important to be creative and look at where we can add value for clients. I think understanding the affiliate market, while also looking at what we can adapt from other industries, is a big part of this. Being analytical is important, so that I may understand what is working and what isn’t. This allows us to put our resources into areas that give the best reward. Lastly as I manage a team a lot of my time is spent trying to help them develop and enjoy their job. We try to make it fun to come into work every day.

Since I joined the company we have almost 3 times as many members and have doubled the number of staff. We have won the Advertiser Innovation award for the past two years at the Performance Marketing Awards.  The campaign concepts were built around member engagement and branding opportunities, rather than purely sales.

I worked for a few years before going to University. While I had lots of fun and met lots of nice people, I hated the job so it inspired me to get into an area where I could be a little bit more creative and think more.  On my placement year I worked at Bournemouth Tourism in PR and took responsibility for their website.  I enjoyed writing the content and coming up with new features and articles.  This got me more interested in digital as a whole so after University I studied for a Diploma in Digital Marketing while working at buy.at.

I am not sure where I will go from here. I enjoy writing and recently completed an e-book on affiliate marketing which can be found here.

I think with TopCashback growing so rapidly there are always new opportunities that give me the chance to learn about areas I haven’t been involved in.
My advice for people who want to work in the digital industry is to read lots! It’s a fast moving industry so you need to keep up to date and make sure you have an understanding of the established areas of digital marketing. From a more affiliate focused point of view, I always suggest people start their own blog or website. I think it gives you more hands on experience of some of the challenges of getting traffic to a site. I think with this you should pick a topic you are keen on and try and test what works.

For more from Graham follow him on Twitter @grahamjenner

Graham Jenner

Graham Jenner is Head of Partnerships at TopCashBack. His role involves developing relationships with clients and networks and planning strategic campaigns. Prior to joining TopCashBack Graham worked at Digital Window looking after key brands such as T-Mobile and Game.

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