Technology, legislation and the value of the performance industry

We were recently asked to feature in The Drum‘s Performance supplement discussing issues facing the industry.
affilinet CEO Dorothea von Wichert-Nick weighed in with her opinion on technology, legislation and the value of the performance industry.

What role does technology play in the future growth of the industry?
It plays a huge, if not pivotal role! For most businesses, performance marketing is still considered a craft and the technology is not providing the ability to scale you would usually expect from an online marketing tool. To master the art of performance marketing, a combination of data mining and automated optimisation technologies is required to create integrated, intelligent solutions for our market partners. That is the core of the industry’s future growth.

What does increasing privacy legislation mean for the performance?
The proposed revisions to the data protection law currently being discussed by the EU have the potential to impact not only on the performance industry, but across all aspects of digital marketing.
The initial proposals were published by the European Commission in January 2012 in light of technological advancements since 1995 when the law came into force in Europe.

How can the value of the performance industry be communicated to clients?
I believe performance marketing is really starting to speak for itself. In the past the focus was predominantly on creating volume: more sales, more leads, more traffic… instead, our business and our clients are now focusing on generating the right sales and delivering sustainable growth based on incremental revenue. As a result performance marketing is becoming an increasingly important part of the entire marketing mix and is starting to gain recognition higher up in the business. That is where the industry needs to focus its attention.

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