How Social Media can help small businesses?

It’s estimated that nearly 3 billion people worldwide use social media; from Snapchat to Twitter social media is shaping how we share and receive information. According to a recent ofCom* report revealed that 77% of small businesses use social media sites and apps to market their business as it is cheap to access and doesn’t...+

Who are millennials and what do they want?

Millennials, Generation Y, the 20-35-year old’s who make up about 21% of the UK’s population. We are a generation that doesn’t seem to uphold the best reputation for ourselves, a few words spring to mind – selfish, narcissistic, ‘generation Y bother’. At face value, we seem like a difficult generation to market to, but the rise in...+

Smaller energy suppliers voted top for customer satisfaction

Uswitch has released the results on its recent Energy awards which surveys more than 5000 energy consumers. The survey looks at consumer’s opinions of the 8 largest energy suppliers (The Big Six and the two largest independent providers) across 12 categories relating to customer satisfaction. The results are in! Overall customer satisfaction in energy suppliers...+

affilinet’s New Year’s Resolutions 2017

As we say goodbye to 2016 and look forward the year ahead, the affilinet team have put together their goals and predictions for 2017. Find out their thoughts on key treads, goals and more for 2017…. Stephanie Lester, Senior Account Executive 2017 will be all about data and insight. The new tracking and tools that...+