The Potential Rise of Automation

In the affiliate marketing industry, there is currently a big debate based on the functionality feature of the industry. There are those who believe there can be revolutionary innovative concepts that can replace the technical tasks, which human beings are typically responsible for. So, with the thought of automation potentially taking over such tasks, does it signal the end of involvement for the ‘human touch’ within the industry?

Automation is defined as the use of automatic/programmed equipment used in a manufacturing facility, thus, reducing human intervention to a minimum. I attended Ant Clements session ‘Is it time we automated?’ at the Affiliate Huddle this year as he discussed the revolutionary feature. Clements believed that automation could make customary tasks and responsibilities easier for any human involvement within the industry. Furthermore, the inclusion of automation is believed to demonstrate more efficient functionality for affiliate marketing networks, in terms of matters directly dealing with advertisers and publishers.

There are already some existing features that spell out the beneficial uses of automation, including merging emails, analytics data on clicks, opens & sales and much more. Automation in most cases guarantees consistent efficiency with your content. However, automation is not all perfect, as automation can avert content creators from identifying any errors that occur within any website or email campaign. Automation software are typically prone to have bugs that are difficult to spot for content creators.

To conclude, there will always be new advancements in technology within most marketing industries and automation is at the forefront for the affiliate side of things. There are benefits for automation and with its technological features there’s always room for growth, especially in terms replacing tasks that are too time-consuming for the typical human worker. For automation affiliate marketers should ask themselves, is there any software processes that can handle any of my day-to-day responsibilities? This conveys the endless potential growth the feature has on the future of affiliate marketing.

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