Employee of the Quarter … Q3 2017

Our Employee of the quarter award was created to recognise members of our team who go the extra mile. Most of the team had received votes this quarter but here are our top three finalists!

In first place, this quarter was Anita Byekwaso, Senior Account Executive. Anita has done an amazing job throughout her time at affilinet but especially this quarter as she has taken on more responsibility and is still doing a great job.

Here’s what some of the team had to say:

‘Anita has done such a good job with training and managing the team, alongside managing her own accounts and covering for people whilst they have been away.’

 ‘She has supported me thoroughly whilst taking on new accounts. Anita has an amazing work ethic.’

‘Anita has done a great job this quarter managing some key clients in the business as well as maintaining a good level of service for our C clients which is not easy. Besides this Anita is an asset to the atmosphere in our office as she is always smiling.’

In second place was, Clarissa Mascheroni, Senior Account Manager who has been very supportive to her team as well as taking on new accounts.

Here’s what some of the team had to say:

‘Clarissa has been fantastic this quarter for her reliability and willingness on taking on numerous tasks with a smile on her face.’

‘She has such a good work ethic and has supported her team as well as taking over a number of new accounts.’

In third place, this quarter was Richard Leake, Client Services Director who was recognised for his hard work and awesome team spirit.

Here’s what some of the team had to say:

‘He has taken on a new job role and maintained his cool even in some very stressful situations. He has kept us all sane and has been there for us when we have needed him! He deserves a BIG shout out! Go Rick!’

‘Stepping up to lead the client services team is no easy job but he has made a real effort to boost morale and understand everyone’s accounts. He always has time for everyone even when he is extremely busy.’

Congratulations to all our nominee’s this quarter!

Eleni Savva

Eleni's main responsibility is to provide contact between the UK office and HR in Munich, while working across the UK team to support on a variety of projects.

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