Employee of the Quarter- Quarter 1!

Last week we announced our employee of the quarter winner for quarter 1 of 2015. Our winner for Quarter 1 is James Bennie, Account Director at affilinet. He was chosen for his outstanding work over this quarter, juggling all his key accounts, recruiting three new team members and still keeping a calm head throughout.

Here are some comments from the team recognising James’s hard work:

“James always keeps calm even when he’s ultra-stressed and he’s been a good leader and mentor to his team even during this hectic time.”

“He has put extensive work, time and effort putting help into pitches, whilst also recruiting and training new team members, well done Bennie!”

Congratulations to James, we hope you like your prize.

Congratulations must also go to our runners up this quarter Paul Brown and Sylvia Leroy who were rewarded with a bottle of wine to celebrate.

The team recognised the long hours Paul worked to complete a number of urgent projects last quarter. Whilst Sylvia became the first affilinet employee to be nominated for every award so far. She has continued to grow her accounts and has also put in a lot of work to raise her profile in the industry; writing two of our shortlisted award entries and a number of PR and blog pieces so far this year.


Employee of the quarter -Bennie

Serena Masih

Serena Masih

Serena is a Sales and Marketing Executive at affilinet and her main responsibility is to provide ongoing support to both the Sales and Marketing teams. Serena maintains the sales and marketing database, events, communications support and manages affilinet's social media and online presence.
Serena Masih

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