Getting to know, Yosmary Pestana, Account Manager, affilinet

Yosmary recently joined the growing affilinet team as an Account Manager for the NCP program. I decided to sit down and ask her a few questions about her new role and what attracted her to the affiliate industry. Here’s what she had to say…

  • You recently joined affilinet, what do you think so far?

It has been a great few weeks! Everybody here is very helpful and friendly. I have already attended many events including the PI Live exhibition in Old Billingsgate, London. This made me feel welcome and part of the team straight away. I truly believe that working with a collaborative and welcoming team leads to positive results and a good working environment.

  • Tell me about your previous experience? 

Before launching my career in the digital sector, I worked in Shipping and Logistics for 4 years in South America and the UK. Hoping to progress my career I moved to Spain to do a Master’s Degree and whilst studying I had the opportunity to do an internship as an Account Manager for a Mobile Ad-exchange company. I immediately fell in love with the digital industry and decided to change my career completely. Upon my return to the UK I have continued to develop my career in digital marketing and sales. Previously, I worked as a Campaign Coordinator for Yieldify and an Enterprise Account Manager for PriceRunner.

  • Tell me a bit about your new job role as an Account Manager?

As an Account Manager at affilinet I will be taking care of NCP and Foreo. They are both very different programmes, but I find them both very interesting and a great opportunity to enhance my knowledge.  I’m hoping to use my experience from all my years in Shipping and Logistics to manage NCP’s account effectively. My main responsibilities will be working towards building strategic relationships with my clients as well as recruiting and testing new affiliates to maximise profit and optimize their campaigns.

  • What attracted you to the affiliate industry?

I think the industry suits me very well. I am constantly analysing lots of data and mapping strategies to maximize client’s campaigns, but it also gives me the opportunity to build relationships with clients and affiliates. 

  • Tell us an interesting fact about yourself that the team doesn’t know? 

I love astronomy and science fiction. I’m not great at math or physics but I love learning about the universe and nature. I have watched the series “Cosmos” by Carl Sagan and “Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey” by Neil deGrasse Tyson a million times!

  • Finally, what was the last purchase you made online?

The last purchase I made online was a pair of petite shoes (Size 2). I don’t know what I would do without technology to help me find shoes that fit!

Eleni Savva

Eleni's main responsibility is to provide contact between the UK office and HR in Munich, while working across the UK team to support on a variety of projects.

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