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George Betts_HeadshotGeorge Bett is the latest addition to affilinet UK as our new Publisher Services Manager. He came to us from Discount and brings  3 years experience of affiliate marketing in tow. We find out a little more about George and what he’s looking forward to at affilinet…

Name a song title that most sums up your character?

Live and let die – Paul McCartney

George, you’ve just joined affilinet as a Publisher Services Manager from and will be tasked with managing a selection of the biggest affiliates on the network. What elements of the role are you most looking forward to in 2012?

I’m excited about using the experience gained at DV to help develop affiliates that I haven’t worked with before. I also intrigued by meeting new affiliates and learning about new ideas and innovations within the industry that will hopefully help to take the industry to a new level

How do you think your previous experience as Senior Affiliate Account Executive and Head of Partnerships will positively contribute towards your new role?

I think that I bring a rare insight into working from an affiliate’s point of view.  We experienced rapid growth at Discount Vouchers and I hope to pass on the knowledge and know-how on to other affiliates in the industry.  I understand the difficulties that affiliates face and I am hoping that I can be a vital point of contact in overcoming these issues for affilinet publishers.

As a Brighton University graduate, what would be your ideal Brighton day out itinerary to recommend to first-time visitors?

I’d recommend firstly going in the summer!!  A stroll down the pier followed by a cold beer on the sea front is a pretty good combination.

Sticking to the seaside theme… Popcorn or candyfloss?


You’ve worked in affiliate marketing for over three years. What’s the most exciting development you’ve witnessed in the industry during that time?

I think the number of innovations made by already established affiliates and new affiliates keeps everybody on their toes.  The emergence of both mobile and social has also been of interest to me.

We have heard on the grapevine that you are a keen cricketer… Which cricketer would you most like to be stuck in a lift with?

Has to be Freddy Flintoff!! Assuming we have few beers available to us!

What is it about the affiliate marketing industry that keeps you coming back to the buffet table to fill up your plate?

Innovation – in such a fast developing industry I really enjoy listening to new ideas and ways to overcome problems.

People – The industry is full of interesting people and characters, I am lucky to have met many of them since I have worked within the industry and I hope that will continue in the future.

Lauren Herbert

Lauren joined affilinet UK at the beginning of 2012 as a marketing executive. Lauren will become heavily involved in the affilinet social networking platforms and events side of marketing and is looking forward to implementing exciting new strategies in the coming year. As a Brighton Business Graduate, Lauren's previous employers include IBM and Films United.

In her leisure time Lauren enjoys live music events, spontaneous adventures, vintage shopping and making attempts to master Italian.

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