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For our latest addition to our Publisher Focus series, I decided to sit down with David Ayre, Country Manager of Smarter Click to find out about his role and Smarter Click’s unique selling points.

  • What does your role involve at Smarter click? 

I am UK Country Manager for Smarter Click and to say my role is varied is a massive understatement. We are a fast-growing technology company, specialising in full user journey re-marketing services.

I joined the team in October 2016 to manage the team in the UK, meeting clients both new and existing, meeting great people in amazing networks and agencies and generally getting my teeth into the day to day work of such a vibrant and fast moving company.

The UK team, based here in Moorgate, London are passionate about providing advertisers with market leading technology and service. Working with the team to develop the company’s strategy and product has been a fantastic experience for me – they are a great bunch of individuals.

  • What is your favourite part of your current role?

The team are definitely the favourite part of my current role, but meeting with clients and show casing our dashboard makes me smile every time; the look on advertisers’ faces when we show them our data is a great feeling.

When clients realise that with our data we can understand and predict customer behaviours and provide strategic guidance on not only their retargeting strategy, but also on other areas of their business, the look of wonder is a great thing to see – that moment of “really, what’s the catch?” is my favourite moment in my role and when they realise there is no catch, even better.

This look by itself makes me very proud to be part of such a dynamic and exciting company who are building technology that nobody else in the market has.

  • How long have you working in digital marketing and how did you get started? 

I worked out recently, that I have now been in digital marketing for 12 years – I hadn’t even realised I had got into double figures, so that was a shock to the system and made me feel old!!!

I started client side with Comet (for anyone that doesn’t remember them, you are too young to be reading this post!), I then moved into agency side working for Summit Media, an agency who I have to credit taught me everything I know about digital marketing and gave me the experience to move network side a few years later and then publisher side a couple of years ago. So I have experienced all sides of the industry – don’t ask me my favourite.

  • Can you tell me about Smarter Click and what are your unique selling points? 

In my many years in the industry, conversion rate has always been a challenge for advertisers. Conversion rates on site of 5% mean that 95% of customers visiting an advertiser’s site leave without purchasing anything. There are various reasons for this; leaving to find a discount code, got distracted by something else or (scarily) going to a competitor’s website.

With Smarter Click’s insight data, we can advise advertisers on how to retain these customers. We regularly report conversion rates of 30-40% from our overlay product (site abandonment technology) because uniquely for our market, we use data driven insights to optimise our campaign activity – we don’t just rely on heat mapping to trigger our overlays. We are constantly optimising our client’s campaigns.

We are unique because we understand your customer, we are not just showing our overlay product to anybody on site without any thought for the customer’s journey or the brand, so we trigger the marketing message at a point we know that the customer is more than likely going to a competitor site or hunting for a cheaper price – thus retaining customers on site at a much higher rate than our competitors do.  (Ask to see our case studies on like for like performance)

Our commercials are also unique – we don’t insist on lengthy contracts, we don’t charge minimum monthly fees and there is no tech set up costs or design costs – we are a pure CPA solution. This is often the point clients ask, “Where is the catch?”. That’s the point – there is no catch.

We believe that by working on a CPA, we have to constantly challenge ourselves to deliver over and above solutions clients can get from our competitors. If we don’t perform, then there is nothing stopping our clients moving away from us. So that is the catch – we want to work with all of our clients long term and not just be a short-term “flash in the pan” solution.

  • What kind of goals do you have for Smarter Click in 2017?

World domination – Mwah hahah

I jest; over the past 3 years we have been working hard in the UK to develop a product that is market leading. We are in a strong position now, with a strong base of advertiser relationships and as such, we are focussing in 2017 on consolidating this and continuing to ensure we are market leading in every possible way.

We will continue to build on our existing technology as needed and working with clients to innovate within the space. Client feedback is critical to us and as such, we have regular idea sharing sessions to keep challenging the industry and we will continue doing this in the future.

But, back to my initial jest, we are also expanding into other markets currently. As a technology provider, we have always been active in Europe, US and beyond, with clients across all continents and relationships with networks and agencies in the territories. In 2017, we are going to be actively getting out into these markets and meeting new people and developing new relationships.

  • What do you think will be the biggest trend for the digital marketing industry this year? 

There is a lot of talk in the news and in forums of trends and changes to the market, both within the affiliate market place and within the wider digital marketing industry, but I still stand beside the comments I made last year that transparency is the only trend advertisers should be seeing.

Programmatic and data led marketing with personalisation are all great tools and there are many new and exciting products coming into the market, but as Procter & Gamble’s chief brand officer, Marc Pritchard, showed earlier in the year, brands should have the right to expect transparency from all their marketing channels – this is definitely a trend I see growing as more and more pressure is placed on the bigger players in the market

It is something we at Smarter Click have uniquely built our technology on.

If you would like to learn more about Smarter Click (or indeed just about me), please feel free to drop me a line – I am always excited to hear from new people and indeed people I already know.

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