Publisher Focus: Kate Sutton, Wit Wit Woo

Katie Sutton

In this ‘Publisher focus’ series we are focusing on our content publishers and bloggers to give them the opportunity to promote themselves and their sites. This month we talked to Kate Sutton, owner of Wit Wit Woo to find out about how long she has been monetising her blog for and her top tips to help you monetise your blog.

How long have you monetised your blog for?

I’ve been blogging for six years but have only been monetising my blog for the last 2-3 years. It was a combination of reasons. Firstly, I’ve always had, and still have, another day job, because as a single parent, I need the stability of a regular income. But also, I was worried whether adverts, sponsored posts or affiliate links would adversely affect the look and feel of my blog, and I didn’t want to put readers off. For the record, it hasn’t discouraged people from reading at all, quite the opposite. If you write good content, and make sponsored posts unique and compelling to read, people will always visit your blog.

What tips do you have for those just starting out monetising their blog?

Companies started to approach me to review their products a few years ago, and so I think product reviews is a good place to start. I would also suggest approaching companies that you like and admire, and ask them if you can review their service/product. Take into account that at the beginning of your blogging career, the value of what you’re reviewing will probably be on lower end of the scale, but if you do a professional job and create good content for clients, they will want to work with you again and you can then build on your portfolio and approach other brands. Affiliate links is something new to me and I’m still finding my way around it, but sign up with different companies within a network and see what works. Adsense is something else to consider, but you’ll have to weigh up whether having ads all over your blog is worth the payment you’ll receive.

What does your typical day involve?

Wake up, check emails and social media, and then I’m on Mum duty until my son goes to school at 8.30am. I then work on my day job until lunchtime, and then it’s catching up with blog work until my son comes home from school at 4pm. Cook dinner, go to the gym, more blog work, then bed! Within that, are blogging events, press trips, creating the occasional vlog and blog admin.

What’s the last thing you purchased online?

Some more leggings for the gym from Amazon – I must have over 20 pairs now!

How do you choose brands to work with?

Firstly, they need to be a good fit for my blog, so a company connected with one of my passions in life would be perfect – in particular, travel, food, keeping fit and weight loss. Having said that, if a company approaches me with a unique idea of how to work together, they are professional and interesting, then I’m happy to work with them. I tend to only approach travel brands at the moment, with a view to creating a schedule of travel for 2017.

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