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For our latest addition to our Publisher Focus series, I decided to sit down with Linda Firth, Managing Director at LoveMyVouchers to find out about her role and LoveMyVouchers’ unique selling points.

  • What does your role involve at

As the managing director at, I am responsible for nurturing relationships with the merchants that we promote, sourcing exclusive voucher codes, deals and advertising opportunities; managing staff; allocating tasks; and analysing data trends.

  • Tell me about a typical day at work?

I can’t start the day without a serious serving of porridge with maple syrup, and a five-portions-of-fruit-and-veg smoothie. During breakfast, I’ll put in place a loose plan for the day. Usually, my task list will extend beyond an A5 page, so I also like to consider what 3 big things I want to have achieved by the end of the day; as inevitably, some items are going to fall by the wayside, and I need to make sure the important things don’t get dropped.

I like to allocate tasks out to staff in the morning, and propose promotional ideas to advertisers. This gives me opportunity to work on my own projects in the afternoon, knowing that things are happening while I get on with my tasks. My afternoon is time for deep thought. Whether I am working on a marketing plan, new promotional ideas, developing the website, or anything else, I like to shut myself away from the world, and focus. This is not always practical, but I try to do this as often as possible as it helps me to get the results I want more quickly.

I always complete the day by reflecting on what I have achieved, what has worked and what hasn’t. My personal growth is an essential part of my role in the business, and with no one to appraise me, a degree of self-analysis is required in order for me to make sure I am reaching my potential and fulfilling my own personal business goals.

  • Can you tell me about and what are your unique selling points?

Many of the other voucher code sites are so cold and impersonal. Visitors will barely spend five seconds on the site and will instantly forget where they have got their discount from. We like to engage with our customers and even provide a service that is one on one where possible. Although we aim big, and have made a name for ourselves as one of the top voucher code websites, we are actually a small, family run business. As such, we carry the ethos of a family run business: making customers feel special; being a brand that they feel they can trust; and giving them good reason to return to us again and again.

  • What kind of goals do you have for in 2017?

To firmly cement ourselves as one of the top five shopping deals websites in the UK. As we continue to develop our relationships with brands, we are refining our ability to direct our visitors to relevant merchants, based on what they are shopping for. This is very important to us, and is something we will be pursuing with gusto this year.

  • Can you give me a quick overview of your site to potential advertisers?

We are a voucher code website with a difference. We are not just about attracting customers who want a quick discount and will never return; the way we position ourselves is as a discount company that cares. As such, we like to provide quality and engaging content to our customers about the brands that we promote and their products. The content helps us to demonstrate our commitment to merchants, and nurtures our relationships with customers as we provide them with so much more than just discounts. It gives them a customer journey, and one that our advertisers can build upon, enabling them to form closer bonds with their customers too.

  • What tips would you give to advertisers looking to stand out in the online retail market?

Develop your customer’s journey and make it personal. Once we have sent a customer over who has visited us because they like a discount, it’s up to you to acknowledge them and turn them into repeat business. Offering regular discounts will help, but customers are more likely to engage with your brand if you entice them with relevant and interesting content.

  • What are the top 3 websites you can be found browsing on during lunch?

Google Analytics – Dull but true! – Don’t get me wrong, I love a trashy mag as much as the next person, but when I want to keep ahead of what is happening around the world in music, fashion, art and film – this is the online destination for me. – Well, you wouldn’t begrudge a hard working entrepreneurs a bit of “Windows Shopping” , would you?

Linda Firth

Managing Director


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