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For our latest addition to our Publisher Focus series, I decided to sit down with Michael Apostol, Sales Manager at Digidip to find out about his role and Digidip’ unique selling points.

  • What does your role at digidip involve?

My job title is ‘sales manager’, yet over here at digidip, we don’t let semantics limit the responsibilities we assume and the role we fulfil, so actually, I combine sales with the account management for our UK publishers. While the sales part is pretty self-explanatory in that I do research and reach out to prospective clients, the account management side mostly revolves around publisher support for their promotional activities, highlighting attractive opportunities, negotiating better commission rates, basically optimising the relationship between them and our partner advertisers, agencies and networks.

  • Tell me about a typical day at work?

Given the nature of my job, I don’t really have a rigid daily routine I try to follow as different days usually means different cases and situations which do require a flexible mindset and schedule, but there are several recurring patterns.My day usually starts by having a croissant, coffee and ginger-lemon ice tea, during which I would start devising a plan comprising of my most important tasks for the day and preparing a short overview for any scheduled calls.I mostly do follow-ups as well as tackle the important, on-going discussions in the morning as I like to allow my interlocutors enough time to reply throughout the day, while I’m also tending to other issues.Most of the time I’ll have lunch with the team either on our rooftop terrace or around the office as we’re fortunate enough to be in one of the best spots in the centre of Berlin which offers a wide variety of amazing and affordable options to eat.In the afternoon, I like to do market research as well as liaise with the team in terms of optimising our key accounts or addressing any struggles we face.Perhaps it’s worth mentioning that throughout my day, I always prioritise in offering our publisher the systematic and prompt support, which I believe, has really made us stand out from our competitors.

  • Can you tell me about digidip and what are your unique selling points?

We don’t like to see ourselves as just another Meta Network, because the objectives were to clearly stand out from other solutions on the market. The way we do it is a simple recipe of great passion in account management, a sharp mind in market research and a low tolerance for low performance. In the end, this leads to us outperforming every other solution on the market so far and it still works

  • What kind of goals do you have for digidip in 2017?

My personal goal for the company is to grow alongside our outstanding company growth and getting more and more interesting clients and projects on board. I love keeping things interesting, experiencing the diversity of publishers needs vs. advertiser needs and managing to balance them both.

  • Can you give me a quick overview of your site to potential advertisers?

First of all, we are a 100% transparent Meta Network that provides all advertisers not only with the sources of traffic, but also with the possibility to blacklist sites they don’t want to work with. We also offer to help with increased exposure since we have a very strong relationship to our publishers. If a brand wants to be pushed we can make it happen and we come up with a strategy, together with the brand, to accomplish the best possible outcome for them. In the end, everyone profits from it and it is very motivating to see the results every time.

  • What tips would you give to advertisers looking to stand out in the online retail market?

Very good yet somewhat delicate question! I’m inclined to say that each advertiser is different in that they have different goals and obviously different views on how to achieve them, but certain issues do spring to mind.

Honesty, consistency, and transparency, are several elements which really make a brand stand out. Being straightforward and transparent from the very beginning in regard to objectives, possibilities and strategies not only saves all sides vital time and effort, but perhaps more importantly, it instils trust which is ultimately the cornerstone of any successful partnership.

Openness to consider all options and discuss best practices on how to achieve the desired results is something which will define an advertiser’s relationship with publishers as well. Think outside of the box a bit, so do not hold on to old and outdated strategies that might have been powerful in the past but with the fast development of new publisher models you need to be more open minded.

Finally, exercising a degree of modesty in how you relate with other partners is to me the actual litmus test. Everyone working in online marketing is aware of the weight of a brand’s name and their importance, however in my own opinion, that can never justify looking down on your partners or abusing your position, given the complex nature of this web of interdependencies we all find ourselves in.

  • Could you give us your main objectives for 2017?

I wouldn’t really be able to do that without disclosing confidential company strategy I’m afraid, haha! Let’s just say it has to do with sustaining and developing our considerable growth rate as well as increasing our presence on the UK market even further.

  • What are the top 3 websites you can be found browsing on during lunch?

I would class myself as a bit of a news junkie so: – indisputable personal favourite in terms of journalistic investigations, angle and coverage – somewhat The Guardian’s French equivalent – fairly decent overview of the relevant news as well as analyses for any football enthusiast

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