Publisher Focus: Sri Sharma, CEO and Cofounder of Increasingly

For our latest addition to our Publisher Focus series, I decided to sit down with Sri Sharma, CEO and Cofounder of Increasingly to find out about his role and Increasingly’s unique selling points.

  • What does your role involve at Increasingly?

I’m CEO and Cofounder.

We’re on a mission to drive massive uplift for retailers using machine learning and UX.

At this stage of the business, 6 months since we launched there is lots to do!

I look after all the commercial aspects of the business and feeding ideas into the product development. I also get involved in the data analysis and optimisation for client success as that is an area of expertise.

My cofounder drives the product roadmap, internal operations and client success delivery.

  • Tell me about a typical day at work?

100 emails

3-5 meetings with partners and potential customers

Brainstorming new ideas

Analysing stats to explore ways to optimise and improve the product for client success.

  • How did you get started in the digital industry?

My starting point was when I was involved in the dot com era in 1999 as a technology & strategy consultant at Accenture. I saw companies go boom (and bust). I also observed the exponential rise of Google. I risked a high paying job and all my savings to launch the performance marketing specialist Net Media Planet and then launching the leading digital agency, NMPi. Both became market leading companies and we won awards including Highly Commmended Entrepreneur of the Year, Sunday Times Tech Track, Deloitte Fast 50 and of course won Performance Marketing Awards several years running.

  • Can you tell me about Increasingly and what are your unique selling points?

In the offline world, cross-selling is a vital tool for retailers. In the online world, retailers hardly use it. This is because bringing the right products together at scale for cross-sell is technically challenging.  Amazon is one of few who use this concept effectively and drive revenue growth of 12%. We have learned from the master’s Amazon and are democratising how they drive cross-sell for retailers at large.

We call this dynamic product bundling. Our product uses a combination of machine learning and UX to effectively cross-sell at scale on-site, in marketing and in-store.

And this drives up revenue +15% for retailers and AOV +12%.

So far we have won retailers including Travis Perkins, Samsung, Rymans, Harper Collins Books and Gorgeous Shop.

In 6 months from launching, we are finalists for the Performance Marketing award for Innovation, National Technology Award for smartest technology startup in 2017 and called out as a hot startup at Retail Week.

  • What kind of goals do you have for Increasingly in 2017?

We are striving hard to win customers across different verticals particularly those who are excited about new innovation and being market leading.

We have a massive product roadmap that drives client success and we are working full throttle building that out.

We aspire to winning awards for innovation and making a massive impact to the retailer sector.

Lastly, we want to enjoy the process. Creation is something exciting and building a company is super rewarding. I want to look back and also say how much I’ve grown as a person, how many new people I have been able to serve and help and how exciting it has all been!

  • What do you think will be the biggest trend for the digital marketing industry this year?

We are seeing the birth of a massive trend in 2017. Today we see technologies such as Google Home and Amazon Echo slowly becoming popular. Before you know it, voice will be central to how you operate your home – your music, television, heating… and how you buy online when at home.

You can read more about this and my other futuristic tech predictions which I wrote for The IAB – Sri from Increasingly’s Top 5 Futuristic Technology Predictions

  • Finally, what was the last thing you purchased online?

Reflective stars to put above my little daughter’s cot 🙂

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