affilinet announce second release of their voucher code and offer manager

vouchercodeWe’re pleased to announce the second release of the affilinet voucher code and offer manager, helping advertisers and affiliates to be more strategic and ultimately drive increased (and incremental) sales from the channel.  Keep on reading to find out about the new improved functionality and how it benefits all parties…

So what’s new and different about the second version?

  • New categories have been implemented to help advertisers be more strategic and aid publishers searching for relevant codes and offers. Codes and offers can now be filtered by the following categories: all product discount; specific products discount; multi-buy discount; free shipping; free product; competition.
  • More detailed search functionality, enabling publishers to search by keywords, category, validity period, minimum order value or by specific limitations (e.g. validity of a voucher for new customers only, those available for selected affiliates).
  • It is now possible to include a minimum order value on voucher codes to help drive up average transaction values.
  • More sophisticated features enable advertisers to be more strategic and targeted with their voucher code activity, allowing the following:
    > Code allocation across the whole affiliate base down to an individual level
    > Codes targeting all customers or new customers only
    > Distribution and control of exclusive codes
    > Compulsory end date field to ensure total control of live vouchers
  • All vouchers or filtered groups can now be downloaded in CSV format.

So, how does the update benefit advertisers?

For advertisers out there looking to use the solution it can help you to do the following:


  • Drive up the number of affiliates using your codes by promoting your proposition in the 100-character voucher code description field.
  • Increase average transaction value by adding a minimum spend to your voucher codes.
  • Target customers according what you want to sell and to whom, by creating bespoke voucher codes.
  • Avoid voucher abuse by setting up exclusive codes for individual affiliates, then if the code is used elsewhere you can reassign commission to the voucher-authorised publisher. This will help to ensure unauthorised affiliates do not use the code.
  • Help affiliates to find the right voucher for their customers by including as much information as possible and allocating them to our targeted code categories (see above).
  • Drive incremental value from voucher code publishers by creating codes that can be used by new customers only.
  • Have complete control over what voucher codes are out in the market, by completing the compulsory end date field. Voucher codes nearing expiry will be flagged on the homepage of your advertiser portal.
  • Codes are pushed out to publishers by RSS functionality.

… and publishers?


  • Adding voucher codes to your site is now just a click away… simply copy the code from “display creative code” and paste direct into your website.
  • Find relevant voucher codes for your customers using the improved filter and search functionality (see above).
  • Work quickly and efficiently by downloading all or filtered vouchers in CSV format.
  • Keep up-to-date with the latest vouchers by signing up to the new and improved RSS feed, reflecting all the new information available. Communication is also sent out via your affilinet inbox, web services and twitter (@affilinetuk).
  • Our new solution helps to ensure your exclusive voucher codes remain exclusive. Any exclusive codes used in an action allocated to an unauthorized affiliate can easily be reassigned to the authorised publisher in a single click.

Feel free to contact your account manager or call the affilinet team on 020 7067 2488 for a short introduction to the tool.

Serena Masih

Serena Masih

Serena is responsible for affilinet’s marketing strategy in the UK and for raising brand awareness through events, PR and other marketing activities.
Serena Masih

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