affilinet Influencer Web Extension

The affilinet Influencer Web Extension is available now

Do you have social media and want to make business as an Influencer? Download the new affilinet Influencer Web Extension and start monetising your content!


The Web Extension gives you feedback if you already have a partnership with the advertiser/shop you are browsing to. It also gives you the opportunity to apply to this advertiser with one click.


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After your application was accepted you can easily search for products within the tool and save the products in your Like List. The integrated widget generator provides several options to design your products and automatically generates tracking links. This makes sure that you receive commission for all your sales or leads.

The Pin-it functionality helps to save pictures/products from the web into you like list as well. This is the perfect instrument to collect your inspirations from the web.




Another feature is the deeplink generator which generates tracking link from the products you are looking at from the advertiser’s website and you can also implement this link to your blog, Instagram story or on Facebook.


The Web Extension also provides all your statistics, normal creatives and voucher codes.

In a Nutshell: The Web Extension make Influencers‘ and bloggers‘ life easier, while you earn money from your followers sales/leads.

Sign up now as a publisher and download the affilinet Influencer Web Extension for free!


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