affilinet’s New Year’s Resolutions 2018

The team are back in full swing after the New Year, so I decided to find out their thoughts on trends, goals and factors that may shape the industry in 2018…

Rick Leake, Client Services Director

“For 2018 a key trend will be data and data privacy, with the looming enactment of the General Data Protection Regulation Act (GDPR) on the 25th May 2018. While many companies have been preparing for this date for months or years many are still not ready to be compliant. With some heavy penalties in place, €20 million or 4% of global annual turnover, it’s everyone’s responsibility to get up to speed on this topic as soon as possible. “

Clarissa Mascheroni, Senior Account Manager

“I think next year the industry should face the longstanding problem of attribution: with the rise of influencer marketing, advertisers will have to invest in an appropriate way to attribute sales and retribute each touch point. Failing to do so will result in the investment of hefty tenancies, missed opportunities and poor return on investment.”

Helen Nugent, Account Director

“For affilinet it’s all about migration, we are now part of the Awin family so we will work hard to get over all of our clients as quickly and as smoothly as possible on to the Awin platform where our clients will benefit from their publisher directory with over 100,000 active publishers.

For the industry I predict that we will see more emergence of app download and sales campaigns as mobile usage continues to rise.”

Hassan Zareh-Ourang, Senior Account Manager

“In 2018 I would like to see publishers and advertisers collaborating in more innovative and exciting ways. As affiliate marketers we tend to have a one size fits all approach when it comes to publishers and we will be actively exploring new publisher relationships where the business model may not fit the traditional affiliate mould. The growth of influencer marketing has been talked about too much and not enough has been done to engage with influencers to understand their needs. I believe this year we will see a willingness from influencers to participate at a much larger scale with affiliate programs and it will be our jobs as affiliate marketers to listen to them and guide them through this space.”

Richard Greenwell, Head of Affiliate Development & Operations

“The focus for a huge amount of the industry will be the introduction of the GDPR in May. Advertisers, agencies, publishers, and networks are all going to be impacted by this however, at this stage it’s impossible to tell what the outcome will be. Consumers have been long aware of how companies use their data, so by putting the control in their hands somewhat, it gives companies a chance to rethink the way they target their users.”

Anita Byekwaso, Senior Account Executive

“The main trend this year will be innovation. I think the key reason for this is the introduction of the GDPR in May. This will lead to a focus on data and privacy which will mean that in some cases we will have to adopt new ways of working. In addition to this I think we will see a drive by many of the stakeholders in the industry to move away from traditional singular models to more creative campaigns. This could mean that we will see a rise in a combination of models for instance a collaboration between influencers and reward sites. “

Mary Ellen Cotter, Affiliate Development Manager

“I think that 2018 will see networks harness the power of content affiliates more cleverly, through establishing stronger relationships with publishing houses and really focusing on influencers. I think that the influencer space is, for the most part, still not fully utilised. Influencers are tapping into audiences that brands need, and they provide a chance for the brand to establish a loyal following. In addition, publishing houses are now realising the value of affiliate and as a result, we are seeing that more opportunities for collaboration are presenting themselves. Content is king in 2018!”

Eleni Savva

Eleni's main responsibility is to provide contact between the UK office and HR in Munich, while working across the UK team to support on a variety of projects.

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